Mail Security as a Service:

Technical Details
Delivered through the EOH Cyber Defence Centre, Mimecast Email Security delivers cloud-based email security that reduces the complexity of protecting your organisation from malware, spam and data leakage.

Granular and flexible email content and secure communication policies can be created and applied to outbound traffic in real-time to take responsive data leak prevention (DLP) measures.

Simple to deploy, simple to manage

Switch corporate MX records to point to the Mimecast platform, route all outbound traffic through the Mimecast platform, with the following functionality:

  • Suspicious connections are dropped
  • Multiple signature-based malware inspection is performed
  • Zero-hour threat analysis performed to identify emerging threats
  • Messages found to contain malware are automatically rejected prior to receipt
  • Message content filtering is applied to further reduce unwanted emails
  • Policy-based email content, attachment and image filtering performed
  • Messages that trigger a policy are held in a queue for optional review and release
  • Secure delivery methods invoked based on message content, sender, or recipient rules
  • Online traffic analysis available for managing live messages
  • URLs in email are re-written to point to Mimecast’s threat 
intelligence cloud for spear-phishing protection
  • Graymail is tagged and moved out of the end users’ inboxes.

Always-on protection

Anti-spam and anti-virus protection, data leak prevention, URL re-writing and graymail control are all delivered as part of a single unified solution. Once in place, Mimecast will secure user inboxes, protect from spear-phishing and manage graymail, leaving you to focus on delivering core business services.

Increased security

Mimecast’s massively scalable email security gateway becomes a bridgehead for your email infrastructure, in the cloud. Email related threats such as malware, spam, spear-phishing attacks, and denial of service are all stopped before they reach your network. This reduces risk to your network and improves the performance of your Exchange server.

User-focused protection

Mimecast’s Targeted Threat protection mitigates the risk of spear-phishing and targeted attacks in email. Every URL in all inbound emails are re-written, to point to Mimecast’s threat intelligence cloud, so users clicking on malicious or spear-phishing sites are prevented from accessing damaging content or malware sites.

End user self-service

Should the occasional message be accidentally quarantined, end user self-service facilities from within Outlook makes retrieving messages simple, and minimises help desk calls. Self-learning technology and personal block and permit lists ensure that similar messages are handled appropriately in the future.

Mimecast Email Security - Key Features

Secure Email Gateway

Mimecast service platform

  • Centrally administered via single, web-based administration console
  • Mimecast Personal Portal for user access
  • Scalable, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure backed by 100% service availability SLA
  • Automated synchronization with company Active Directory for policy and access control
  • Monitoring dashboard for email queues and services, with SMS and email alert
  • Advanced routing capability, supporting real-time view of all SMTP connections and rejections.
  • Detailed transmission data for every email that is processed by Mimecast

Email threat protection

  • Multi-layered malware protection against known and zero-day threats
  • Comprehensive connection-based and content-based spam and phishing protection
  • Personal permit and block lists to fine tune spam preferences and end user email digests for personal quarantine management
  • SLAs: 100% virus protection; 99% spam protection; 0.0001% spam false positives

Data leak prevention capability

    • Content examination of email body text, attachments, HTML, headers and subject
    • Weighted dictionaries for threshold policy triggering and intelligent recognition of structured data. e.g. credit card numbers
    • Immediate enforcement of email security and DLP policies and the ability to block, hold pending review or bcc a group
    • Metadata stripping and PDF to remove the risk of leaked O ice document metadata, e.g. tracked changes, comments etc.
    • Met Email encryption with best-e ort and policy-enforced TLS
    • Secure Messaging, enables simple and secure email delivery from Outlook or Mimecast Personal Portal.

Predefined. Pre-packaged, Cost Effective.  Cloud based security solutions mitigate 90% of risk immediately. 

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