Perimeter Security as a Service

Under constant attack, businesses cannot afford to choose between security and a high-performance business infrastructure. Every single connection introduces potential exposure but deploying network security solutions from multiple vendors leads to unnecessary complexity while introducing security gaps, instead of solving business problems.

The reality of cybercrime in South Africa

  • We rank as world’s third highest for cybercrime victims
  • We lose more than R2.2billion to internet fraud and phishing attacks annually

Rethinking IT to solve business cybersecurity problems

EOH provides network perimeter security as a service for resource-constrained enterprises. Businesses can benefit from our specialist security skills without bringing the cost in-house.

EOH Perimeter Security
as a Service

With the FortiGate Firewall range of devices and solutions providing the backbone, our Perimeter Security service is delivered through the EOH Cyber Defence Centre using highly-skilled certified professional to secure organisational assets – hardware, devices, hosts, applications and data – against cyber harm.

Unmatched multi-layered firewall security with full Unified Threat Management functionality

Fastest and most flexible platform optimised for internal, perimeter, data centre, distributed and cloud deployments. Brings greater visibility, improved segmentation to stop threats from moving freely through the network.

Powerful combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimisation and VPN technologies

Provides accelerated, clean, secure communications and connections, optimises network resources with an innovative security processor technology for high-performance application-layer security services.

Comprehensive protection and granular control with simplified acceptable use policies

Limit browsing to certain sites if necessary, to optimise network resources and improve network security.

Responsive, intelligent defence against malware and emerging threats

Protects against known exploits and malware using continuous threat intelligence, detects unknown attacks using dynamic analysis and automatically mitigates to stop targeted attacks.

All through one operating system managed within a single pane of glass

Single Pane of Glass with Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides complete visibility to identify network security issues quickly and intuitively.

EOH Managed Security as a Service – mitigates 90% of cybersecurity threats straight away.

The right skills at the right time

EOH consultants have NSE Level 4 Fortinet accreditation so your organisation can benefit from our extensive experience and specialist skills at a fraction of the cost.

Protect – FortiGate next-gen firewall solutions are certified for superior security efficacy.
Remediate – Prioritise remedial action to ensure continuity, address immediate changes.
Mitigation – Policy and procedure enhancement to reduce future vulnerabilities.

Benefits of EOH Perimeter Security as a Service

Proven security that won’t compromise network operation

Industry-leading threat protection performance and protection for SSL-encrypted traffic.

Leverage highly-skilled resources and proven methodologies

Minimise implementation risk, speed up ROI with deep insight to obtain maximum results.

Take the load off your IT department

Fully managed off-site service with 24/7 support, weekly/monthly reporting, health checks, off-site backups.

A business-resilient solution that meets your requirements

Flexible deployment options such as Next Generation Firewall and Secure SD-WAN.

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