Security Awareness as a Service

The most valuable asset in any business is information; making security, confidentiality, integrity and availability a priority.

Even with smartest technology in place, your organisation will still face significant risk if you underestimate the role people play in security, as the human element is one of the top contributing factors to escalating corporate cybercrime figures.

Reinventing cybersecurity to solve business problems

Technical IT controls are a vital part of your information security framework but are insufficient protection on their own as people will only stick to security policies and procedures if they’re aware their role in maintaining security.

This usually means time-consuming, resource-draining education and training, but thanks to the fact that we’ve reinvented our approach to cybersecurity, your enterprise can leverage our highly-skilled resources and proven methodologies to benefit from our Security Awareness as a Service offering.

EOH Security Awareness as a Service

Effective security awareness education and training promotes a culture of due diligence for information security, thanks to an increased sense of accountability.

Our team is ready to engage with your people on an ongoing 12-month security awareness program to ensure:

A sense of personal responsibility for information security in the business

Understanding of how to perform duties in-line with business security policies.

Create a culture of security based on each person’s role in securing assets

Inspiring the right attitude and skills to use information assets in a secure manner in compliance with corporate guidelines.

Increased awareness of information security threats and possible business impact

Acceptance of roles and responsibilities of securing enterprise-wide information in line with business strategy.

EOH Managed Security as a Service – mitigates 90% of cybersecurity threats straight away.

Benefits of EOH Security Awareness as a Service:

Take the load off your IT department

Fully managed security awareness training for your entire organisation with predictable costs.

Clearly communicate security policies across all organisational levels

Putting everyone on the same page with regards to the importance of security awareness in the business.

Disseminate information on security risks and controls across the business

Increased awareness of the risks and threats, and better understanding of the controls in place to mitigate risks.

Make all staff aware of their responsibilities and provide due diligence

Minimise exposure of information assets, whether accidental or not by acting as a compliance mechanism to ensure adherence to policies and procedure.

Reduce the magnitude of security incidents

Reduced direct/indirect costs by equipping staff with the security awareness skills necessary to avoid exposing informational assets to risk.

Facilitate disciplinary/legal action against deliberate rule-breakers

With security training in place, ignorance is no longer an excuse for breaking information security rules.

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