Vulnerability Management as a Service

Software defects, flawed account management practices and unsecure configurations are just a few of the biggest security vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited by cyber attackers to compromise business critical systems and data.

No system, endpoint or app is immune and cybercrime incidents are skyrocketing with new vulnerabilities introduced daily. This makes the task of understanding and responding to vulnerabilities overwhelming for most organisations.

Reinventing cybersecurity to solve business dilemmas

By reinventing cybersecurity, we’re able to give your enterprise the right skills at the right time to identify, classify, remedy and mitigate various vulnerabilities within your system before they become catastrophic.

EOH Vulnerability Management as a Service

Our skilled professionals will assist your enterprise in reducing its attack surface to the smallest possible footprint with a true cloud-based cybersecurity solution that scales according to business needs.

Improve your overall IT governance with ongoing discovery of active systems and devices

Reduce operational, business, technical risk exposure by minimising lead-time to remediation for critical vulnerabilities on high-value targets.

Maintain a proactive security stance by purging vulnerabilities before they’re exploited

Gain the upper hand over opportunistic attackers by reducing attack surface to smallest possible footprint and make informed decisions based on intelligent contextual reporting.

Reduce complex and labour-intensive tasks with automation and integrated workflows

Increase agility of remediation efforts through automated instructions to the right people based on customised business rules.

Lower the cost of security operations in your enterprise

Ease operational pressure on scarce administrative resources by outsourcing, reduce frequency of incidents that could have been prevented, limit staffing costs.

Meet industry statutory and regulatory requirements with auditable processes

Process of asset discovery, classification, security analyses, prioritisations and remediation are all done with auditable trails for compliance purposes.

EOH Managed Security as a Service – mitigates 90% of cybersecurity threats straight away.

Benefits of EOH Vulnerability Management as a Service:

The right skills at the right time

Specialist security resources supported by enterprise-wide management processes and world-class technology delivering a comprehensive managed service.

Intelligence to make better decisions

We make sure that the right people act on contextualised intelligence to effectively implement required changes.

Scalable, affordable cloud-based solution

Respond to business requirements with a solution that expands or scales down as you need it, while still paying only for what you use.

Take the load of your IT department

We have the cybersecurity skills, capability, people and tools to deliver an end-to-end vulnerability management service for your organisation.

Reduce compliance headaches

Assistance with meeting your most stringent legal and regulatory requirements in a sustainable manner.

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