Web Security as a Service:

Technical Details

Symantec Web Security is managed and delivered by certified EOH professionals through the EOH Cyber Defence Centre to offer real time protection against known and unknown web-borne threats.

URL Filtering and Categorisation

Leverage 9 security categories to block 90% of all threats. Unique URL Threat Risk Score to increase security without over-blocking. Classify URLs in one of 70 categories covering over 50 languages. Dynamic, real time ratings for the latest information.

User Authentication and universal connectivity

ID users with multiple authentication methods. Integrate across multiple authentication systems used by enterprises. Easily connect laptops, mobile devices, firewalls, proxies and more.

Advanced Threat Protection

Multi-layered dual anti-virus and heuristic analysis combines to block malware. Utilise customised White-List/Black-List capabilities and file reputation analysis.

Policy Management and reports

Certified engineers managing policy according to security best practice. Policy changes tracked and monitored. Customized reports based on historical data. Reports generated on a monthly/weekly/daily occurrence.

Policy recommendations based on user behaviour and threats and monthly review sessions

Monitoring threats and incidents allows us to recommend and implement policy. Monthly One-on-One review sessions with solution expert to review reports, policy and calls logged.

Malware Analysis Service

Add powerful inspection capabilities to filter up to 99% of potential malware before delivery while minimising false positives. Leverage advanced analysis (static code, YARA rules, behavioural) as well as inline, real-time file blocking to combat threats. Utilise sandboxing to detonate suspicious samples; coordinate with Web Security Service to delay file delivery until analysis is complete.

Trust our team of security experts. Protecting, monitoring, responding to cyber threats. 

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