Web Security as a Service

Rapid adoption of cloud services and an increase in web usage is putting pressure on existing network security architectures. While roaming users and new devices might be great for on-the-go user productivity and remote collaboration, this demand to access corporate services and data complicates network security massively.

With so many conflicting factors, the traditional approach to web security just won’t cut it any more.

Reinventing cybersecurity to solve business dilemmas

With a managed internet security service offering, your enterprise can leverage our highly-skilled resources and proven methodologies to benefit from real time protection against known and unknown web-borne threats.

EOH Web Security as a Service, powered by Symantec

Delivered through the EOH Cyber Defence Centre, our professionals provide an end-to-end online security service powered by Symantec Web Security, an enterprise-class, cloud-based, secure web gateway service integrating web/cloud access control with advanced threat protection.

URL Filtering & Categorisation

Leveraging 9 security categories to block 90% of all threats, classify URLs in one of 70 categories spanning 50 languages.

User Authentication

Identify users with multiple authentication methods, integrates easily with authentication systems already in place.

Advanced Threat Protection

Multi-layered dual antivirus and investigative analysis work together to block malware, easily connect new laptops, devices, firewalls or proxies to get them protected.

Policy Management & Reports

Certified engineers managing policy according to security best practice with customised reports based on historical data generated daily/weekly/monthly.

Malware Analysis Service

Add powerful inspection capabilities to filter up to 99% of potential malware and leverage sandboxing to detonate suspicious samples, coordinate with Web Security.

EOH Managed Security as a Service – mitigates 90% of cybersecurity threats straight away.

Benefits of EOH Web Security as a Service

Easy integration and set up according to specific policy requirements

Connecting laptops, devices, firewalls and proxies is simple and our skilled engineers will help define and distribute security policies.

Effective protection for all connections

Granular policy-led URL filtering, malware scanning and advanced threat protection leveraging a Global Intelligence Network.

Visibility for enhanced resource management monitoring

Keeping an eye on enterprise internet usage, threats and incidents by user/location/application in real-time.

Ongoing mitigation of emerging threats

Reducing the probability of future vulnerabilities with policy and procedure enhancements based on user behaviour and cyber security trends.

The right skills at the right price

Access Symantec Web Security certified resources without the cost of bringing security professionals in-house.

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